Dreaming of studying in a culturally rich, welcoming environment loaded with top-tier universities? The Emerald Isle offers all this and more! Known for its vibrant culture and history, Ireland ranks among the world's ten friendliest countries, making it an ideal destination for international students seeking both excellence in education, and a warm welcome!

Ireland paves the way for international students

The Irish government has set ambitious goals to make the country a first choice destination for international students and researchers. In their Global Citizens 2030, International Talent and Innovation Strategy, launched this year, the government emphasized the vital role of international learners in shaping the future. Recognizing that today's international students are tomorrow's leaders, innovators, and global citizens, Ireland plans to grow the number of international students, researchers, and innovators in the country by 10% by 2030.

To study in Ireland, you'll need to meet English language proficiency requirements. And guess what? In 2021, the Duolingo English Test was made a permanent offering as a minimum English language standard for Irish study visas! This means that many prestigious universities in Ireland accept the DET as proof of English proficiency, making it even easier to pursue their dreams of studying in Ireland.

Irish universities that accept the DET

The DET provides a comprehensive evaluation of your English language skills, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and can be your passport to higher education at many Irish universities! Here are just a few… 

  • Dublin City University is known for its wide range of interdisciplinary degree programs and research opportunities spanning fields such as technology, engineering, business, communications, humanities, science, and health.
  • Maynooth University boasts a global reputation in research across humanities, social and spatial sciences, mathematics, communication, computation, and human health. It stands proudly among the Top 200 Most International Universities worldwide, as recognized by Times Higher Education. 
  • Trinity College Dublin, a distinguished member of the League of 23 European Research Universities (LERU), is celebrated for its research-driven and collaborative academic atmosphere.
  • University College Cork stands out for its top-notch academic programs, the stunning beauty of its campus, and a dynamic student life. It weaves together a rich tradition of teaching, research, and scholarship, making it a distinguished institution.
  • University College Dublin is in the top 1% of institutions globally and stands as Ireland's most globally engaged university. With over 38,000 students from 152 countries, including more than 5,000 students at international locations, it showcases a truly diverse and international academic environment.
  • University of Limerick is celebrated for its exceptional student experience, focus on graduate employability, and impactful research. It boasts a broad network of partnerships across industry, government, and communities, both nationally and internationally, enhancing its educational and societal contributions.

The DET can take you there! 

Ireland’s unique blend of academic excellence and cultural richness make it an ideal destination for higher education, and the DET can take you one step closer! The DET is accepted by over 5,000 institutions around the world—check out the full list to find your dream school!