During his recent visit to India, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the Classes Internationales program, a unique initiative inviting Indian students to France for French language immersion before starting their chosen degree. This program aligns with France's goal to host 30,000 Indian students by 2030.

In light of this announcement, there's never been a better time for Indian students to consider France for their higher education. It's is obviously a great place to study in French… but did you know that France also offers numerous programs taught entirely in English?

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Beyond the opportunity to immerse in French language and culture, France's higher education landscape includes English-taught programs across various disciplines. This makes France an even more appealing destination, as it means students can choose the language of instruction that best meets their needs, while still experiencing the rich educational tradition France is known for. 

The Duolingo English Test can open the door for you to study at many prestigious programs in France, including:

These institutions represent just a glimpse of what France has to offer! With the DET, aspiring international students from India can embark on their journey to achieving academic excellence in France, where culture, education, and innovation converge.

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As France gears up to welcome 30,000 Indian students by 2030, leveraging the DET for your applications could be your first step towards an enriching academic journey in the heart of Europe. The DET offers a flexible, accessible path to fulfilling your academic dreams in France. We encourage you to embrace this opportunity!