Germany is known for its world-class education, and especially for its robust engineering, technology, and business programs. It has emerged as a premier destination for international students thanks to its availability of numerous English-taught programs, and affordable tuition fees. And did you know that many of its programs accept the Duolingo English Test? 

Germany welcomes international students

German universities are renowned for their innovation, research opportunities, and commitment to excellence, and the country's strong economy and opportunities for post-study work further enhance its appeal, making it a top choice for students seeking a world-class education in a dynamic and welcoming environment. 

With its rich cultural heritage, cutting-edge research facilities, and vibrant student life, Germany offers a unique blend of educational and personal development opportunities, making it an ideal choice for studying abroad. In fact, a recent Benchmark International University (BintHo) study conducted by The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) found that Germany was the first choice of study abroad destination for more than three quarters of the international students surveyed (76%).

With recent educational trends leaning towards inclusivity and global outreach, Germany has embraced English-taught programs across its universities, making it an attractive destination for students worldwide. This shift not only highlights Germany's commitment to educational excellence but also its dedication to fostering an international academic community. 

German universities that accept the Duolingo English Test

The DET is accepted at over 50 programs in Germany, including: 

  • Hochschule Bremen offers a vibrant range of programs with a strong emphasis on international business and applied sciences, preparing students for global challenges.
  • Technische Universität Berlin is celebrated for its cutting-edge research and innovation in engineering and technology, drawing students worldwide.
  • Bard College Berlin excels in providing a holistic liberal arts education, fostering critical thinking and creativity among its diverse student body.
  • GISMA Business School specializes in grooming business leaders with its practice-oriented programs and strong industry connections.
  • Berlin School of Business and Innovation focuses on developing entrepreneurial skills, with programs designed to meet the demands of the global business market.
  • IU Internationale Hochschule offers a wide range of programs in business, tech, and more, with a focus on flexibility through online and on-campus options.
  • Constructor University provides a multidisciplinary, English-speaking environment, highly conducive for research and innovation.
  • University of Europe for Applied Sciences is known for its arts, design, and media programs, providing creative and practical learning experiences.
  • Munich Business School enriches students with its international approach and strong emphasis on personal development and ethical business practices.

These are just a few examples of how the DET can open doors for you in Germany, a country at the forefront of innovation and education. You can search our full list of accepting institutions to find more! 

The DET can take you there!

Whether you're drawn to the dynamic cities or the rigorous academic environment, the DET offers a streamlined pathway for students to demonstrate their English proficiency. Whether you're drawn to the historic cities, the vibrant culture, or the cutting-edge research facilities, the DET can help you embark on your academic journey in Germany!